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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Avoid At All Costs

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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Avoid At All Costs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to bounce back from a disappointing season last year. A team that seemed to be on the rise just a few years before, they once again found themselves at the bottom of the standings looking up. One way they can get good quick is to make a splash in free agency, but they have to make sure they avoid giving away big contracts to the wrong players.

It can be very tempting in the NFL to go for the short-term fix in the free agent market. But, that usually means signing either older veterans and hoping they still have something left in the tank, or you can always take a chance on someone who has been a disappointment somewhere else and see if a change of scenery does the trick for them. Either way, you take on way too much risk for way too little potential reward.

In the NFL you have to make sure that you’re paying for future production — not past production — when you give out contracts. The Bucs found that out the hard way when they gave all that money to Darrelle Revis, who is now nowhere near the player he was and certainly not worth the money they’ve invested in him.

Tampa Bay hopes to be one of the surprise teams in the league next year. It has a talented group of young players to build around, but it needs to make sure it avoids these five overrated NFL free agents this offseason.

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5. Kenny Britt

Kenny Britt Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Kenny Britt has been an enticing talent ever since he came into the league. But, injuries and inconsistent play have kept him from living up to his potential. He might have a chance to turn it around on a new team, but I wouldn't be willing to take the risk on someone who has never been able to stay out of the trainer's room and on the playing field.

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4. Michael Oher

Michael Oher Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Ever since they made a movie about his life, Michael Oher has been an overrated player. He was borderline terrible last year for the Baltimore Ravens, who don't seem to have any interest in bringing him back next season. Any team that thinks he has what it takes to be a starter in the NFL will be sorely mistaken when they waste valuable cap dollars on him.

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3. Ted Ginn

Ted Ginn Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Ted Ginn is going to get overpaid by someone this offseason because he posted a career-high five touchdowns last year. He's never been consistent or reliable at any time in his career. Whoever signs him will get a third receiver with some special teams value at best. That's a fourth-round draft pick, not someone you give veteran money to in free agency.

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2. Jared Allen

Jared Allen Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Jared Allen is bound to sign with someone for big money this offseason, even though we've seen this play out so many times before. An older player who has been extremely productive, he'll be 32 when the season starts next year. You don't want to be the team that pays an older player because of what he's done in the past, and chances are Allen's best days are behind him.

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1. Devin Hester

Devin Hester Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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One of the biggest needs for the Bucs this offseason is to find a playmaker on offense who can contribute on special teams. Devin Hester is at the top of most lists because of his history with new head coach Lovie Smith, but any production he's had has come because of his elite speed — something that is bound to leave him as he gets older. If they want Hester, they should just draft Dri Archer, a younger version of the electric kick returner.