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5 Things Peyton Manning Has Left To Accomplish Before Retirement

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5 Things Peyton Manning Still Has Left To Accomplish

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If you listen closely, you can hear the collective sigh of relief coming from Denver right now. It's been announced that Peyton Manning has passed his neck exam, and that he'll be able to continue his NFL career.

Some were nervous about this looming exam, some weren't. But if you're a Broncos fan, I don't know how you weren't at least a little nervous. After all, we're talking about a near 38-year old QB with four major neck surgeries on his record. There was definitely more than an outside chance that he was going to have to retire. But with the way modern sports medicine is, it's not surprising that Manning passed the exam. A decade ago, I don't think we'd be having the same conversation.

As Manning has said, the light is at the end of the tunnel. We know he's definitely coming back for one more year, and possibly two. I don't see any way that he'll play beyond 2015. So we now know that this is it for Manning. Either next year or the year after, he's going to call it quits.

You do have to wonder how Manning will come out and respond in 2014. He's coming off a crushing Super Bowl defeat and there are no guarantees that the Broncos will be as good this year, and there are certainly no guarantees that Seattle is going to take a step back. If the Seahawks and Broncos meet again in SB 49, I think most everybody would bet on Seattle. They were clearly the better overall team in 2013 and it's tough to see that changing in 2014.

But now that we know Manning is coming back, let's take a look at five things he has left to accomplish. He's done more than almost any other QB in the game's history, but he still has a few things to check off his list:

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Break the All-Time Passes Completed Mark

Prove He's the GOAT
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This record won't fall in 2014. Manning is currently 768 completions behind Brett Favre and he's never completed more than 450 in a season. But if he sticks around for two more years, this mark is toast.

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Prove He's the GOAT

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If Manning makes it to a fourth Super Bowl and wins his second, many are going to dub him the GOAT. It will be debatable, but really hard to argue against.

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Break the All-Time Passing Yards Mark

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Here again, Manning trails Favre by more than one season's worth of work. He's 6,874 passing yards behind Favre, a number he'd surely have to play two more seasons to better. But with Peyton, you never know.

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Break the All-Time Passing TDs Record

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Of all the career QB marks, this one is for sure going down. Manning trails Favre by just 17 TD passes. Heck, he might break this record in week three of 2014.

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Win Another Super Bowl

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This is it. You can basically throw all the other records and accolades out the window. I'm sure Manning could care less about all-time marks, as long as he gets that elusive second Super Bowl ring. If he can pull it off, he'll become the first QB to start for two different teams and win it all.

If Manning can get to the mountain top in 2014, there's no doubt in my mind that he'll retire on top.