Peyton Manning Being Cleared to Play in 2014 is Not News

By RantSports Staff
Getty Images

In what is being described as breaking news but really shouldn’t be, Peyton Manning has been cleared to play for the Denver Broncos during the 2014 NFL season. The legendary quarterback came up short in Super Bowl XLVIII and he’s undoubtedly preparing for another run at a second ring in his third season with the Broncos. If he does get over the hump in Denver, he’ll be the first starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. “Fortunately” for the folks in Denver, he’ll be able to play again in 2014.

Manning was serious when he said he wouldn’t play in 2014 if his doctor didn’t clear him, but no one really thought he wouldn’t be cleared, right? I mean, this is a guy who just had his best pro season at age 37. Heck, he just had the best season by a quarterback in NFL history! Yet we were pretending like there was a chance he wouldn’t play this year. Yeah, right.

Manning’s health is always a slight concern because of his age and the fact he’s had four neck surgeries, but he’s one of the best in the game at avoiding hits and sacks, so barring a freak incident, he’s going to be fine after each game, aside from some typical bumps and bruises that come with being a professional football player. The man is in no danger of missing time with the Broncos in 2014 and the yearly check in with his doctor following the neck surgeries was just routine. No need to panic, Denver fans. You’ll get another shot at the Lombardi Trophy with No. 18 under center again this year.

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