2014 NFL Draft Prospect Thinks God Wants Him to Play For Seattle Seahawks

By Andrew Fisher
Adam Muema
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Remember the NFL Draft prospect who left the combine because God told him to? His name is Adam Muema, a running back out of San Diego State University.

When I first heard the story of him leaving the combine, I just shrugged it off. I thought his reasoning was a little bizarre, but at the same time, people use that same logic all the time, every day. People doing things that ‘God tells them to do’ is very common. That’s the power of belief in a higher being.

But until now, the details of Muema’s combine exit weren’t really known. Here’s what ‘really happened’ to the religious RB:

According to Deadspin, Muema attended a Catholic Mass in Indianapolis before the combine and he was also contacted by a man on the internet who claimed to be the second-coming of Jesus Christ. On top of this, the RB has a strong belief in numerology. These factors combined to give Muema the impression that if he left the combine, that he’d be drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

Muema explained further on his Instagram account (amog4):

“Okay here’s is the Seahawks #8 story. I was given #8 the first time playing football started to love this number. I was wondering if I could be 8 in the NFL & he said go to the store to decorate your living space. Went to the Christian store lady says when did that get in & didn’t let her grab it & said it was for me. Later, I ditch the combine to go to the saturday service & speaker was GM for Seahawks. I was honored by the Rev for being the 1st out of 8 yrs to go to this service, I cried :] If I would of performed that day I would of missed that meaningful #8. Glory be to God. Keep calling them coincidences if you want to.”

So, yeah. Maybe I’m crazy for thinking that he’s crazy? But the Seahawks don’t really need a RB. Regardless, Muema is convinced that he’s going to Seattle. He’s since changed his Twitter profile to read: Seahawks #8.

Maybe the Seahawks will buy in and draft him just for the heck of it?


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