2014 NFL Draft: Size Shouldn't Be A Concern For Aaron Donald

By Chris Ross
Aaron Donald
Getty Images

Much of the focus surrounding 2014 NFL Draft prospect Aaron Donald has been on his size, or lack thereof. While it’s true Donald doesn’t possess elite size, standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing in at just 285 pounds, many have concerns over how well he will handle bigger offensive lineman in the NFL. The thing is, size shouldn’t be a concern at all when looking at Donald. When given the choice between a 6-foot-6, 330 pound tackle that can hardly move or Donald, with his explosive first step and surprising speed, Donald is the obvious choice.

Armed with great speed and his aforementioned first step, Donald is a nightmare for opposing offensive lineman to contain. When you throw in the fact that Donald’s pass rushing moves, while still developing, are already better than most in the draft class, all of a sudden size becomes less and less of an issue. As a matter of fact, Donald finds a way to make his smaller size work to his advantage, as he uses his shorter stature as leverage against the opposition.

All in all, Donald is what he is, and that is a very disruptive, talented player with the potential to become an excellent pro lineman. No, he doesn’t look like the prototypical NFL defensive tackle, but when you look past that and see the amount of talent this man truly has, size simply isn’t an issue. It’s time we stop finding excuses as to why Donald won’t be able to succeed in the NFL, and time we start seeing the talented force he is.

After all, like the old saying says, big things come in small packages.

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