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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the Baltimore Ravens Should Avoid at All Costs

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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the Baltimore Ravens Should Avoid At All Costs

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The Baltimore Ravens are going into NFL free agency this offseason with a shopping list of position needs and while there are some great targets to be had, there are great deal of overrated players that they will need to avoid at all cost. The reasons behind avoiding such players may have to do with cost. Some have to do with them having a fluky year in the final year of their contracts. Then there are others who are injury prone and can’t seem to stay healthy. Ozzie Newsome and other GMs in the league need to heed the warning, “buyers beware;” these duds are free agents for a reason. With that said, let’s jump into the first reason.

Salary cap issues will cost any organization to avoid resigning a player. This is usually due to the player’s agent driving up the cost to re-sign him to the team. A few players on this list are guys who fit that category and once they are able to cash in, they will fail to match the hefty price-tag with production. In the end, the Ravens would once again be hurting for a premier player and would be hurting in the pockets to cut the guy as well. Moral of this story, haggle for the right price no matter what their agent thinks they may be worth. It’s usually less anyway. Now that we have covered cost, let’s looks at the next reason why Ozzie Newsome should avoid this band of misfits.

The next reason Newsome should avoid signing some of the players on the upcoming list is because they may just be a “one hit wonder.” Take Peyton Hillis for example. The Denver Broncos were hurting so bad for a RB, that they decided to take a chance on a guy who was at the time, selling cell phones in the Denver Mall in Hillis. The former Arkansas Razorback came on the scene big for Denver and was traded to the Cleveland Browns where he rushed for 1,177 yards in 2010 and where is he now? He is currently a backup for the New York Giants. So now that we have covered the “wonders” and the overpriced, let’s move on to the injury bugs.

There are players in this league who when healthy are so dangerous they could set records based on their when-healthy performances. However, the problem with that is these players are very seldom injury-free. Putting money on these players is gamble. Newsflash, Newsome, a change of venue is not going to change their proneness to be injured. Now without further ado, I present to you the five overrated free agents the Ravens should avoid at all cost.

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No. 5 Eugene Monroe is Looking to get Paid

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I know it might seem smart to sign Eugene Monroe to a long-term deal, but I am not a fan of the 6-foot-5 LT. Baltimore fans are more used to the bigger size cornerstones like Jonathan Ogden and Jared Gaither, who were both 6-foot-9. Monroe may have done a good job for the Ravens in 2013, but letting him escape to free agency without a franchise tag drove his price up through the roof. Look for Monroe to get a blockbuster deal, just not in Baltimore.

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No. 4 Eric Decker's Price is going to Be too High

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Decker may have worked with the best QB in the NFL last year and may have racked up four TDs in one game, but he is not worth a big contract -- and when he gets signed by a team with an average QB, that team will see that. However, it will be too late and that team will have signed a multi-year contract not realizing that he is just not that great. The Ravens should keep shopping for a cheaper deal.

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No. 3 Jason Worilds is a "One Hit Wonder"

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The Pittsburgh Steelers may have made a smart move in releasing Worilds. His performance peaked in 2013 with 16 hurries, 20 QB hits and seven sacks. Worilds may command a big salary because of his big performance, but the Steelers are a smart team who will refuse to get caught up in one season. Hopefully the Ravens will take a pass on this guy as well.

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No. 2 Jermichael Finley is Too Much of a Gamble Until Healthy

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A spinal-fusion surgery should be enough to steer the Ravens clear of Finley. There will be temptation to bring him in for cheap while he tries to prove he can be healthy; however, should he not be able to recover, there goes more dead money to the cap. Newsome needs to keep shopping to find a young, healthy TE.

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No. 1 Darren McFadden is More Bench Than Field

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If there was a stat (that actually mattered) for riding the bench due to injury, Darren McFadden would be going to the Pro Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, he is as explosive as they come when he is on the field; he just cannot seem to stay on the field long enough to be considered a sensible signing for the team.