Dallas Cowboys Restructuring Tony Romo’s Contract is a Big Mistake

By Jeremy Martin
Tony Romo, Contract Restructure
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

They say “the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.”  I actually believe you can add one more thing to that list—salary cap problems for the Dallas Cowboys. The cap problems of Dallas are well documented and an annual tradition. Thanks to owner and GM Jerry Jones, you can be assured that it will continue for the foreseeable future.

We all knew what was coming. Jerry was going to restructure contracts and push money back so that Dallas could get under the salary cap. Dallas has now accomplished that task by restructuring the contracts of Sean Lee, Orlando Scandrick, and most recently, QB Tony Romo.

By restructuring these contracts, Dallas is now only about $1 million over the salary cap. That is great for this season, but all Jerry really did was “rob Peter to pay Paul.” Restructuring Scandrick and Lee is one thing, but the Romo contract is the one I have a problem with.

Tony Romo is about to be 34 years old, and he is signed through the year 2019. By restructuring his contract, he will count more and more against the cap even as he continues to age. Having older players count huge against the cap is bad enough, but my bigger issue is the fact that I don’t believe Romo plays out even half of his current contract.

I have been a fan of Romo, but it is ridiculous to think that a guy coming off a second back surgery in less than a year is going to play five more seasons.  Romo’s mobility took a drastic hit last season after his first surgery, and one can only think it will be affected even more this season after this second surgery.

Jerry has a long history of restructuring bad contracts in order to attempt to win now. However, I predict this will be the one he will regret the most. Having Romo in his upper 30s counting a huge amount against the cap would be a bad situation. Having a retired Romo due to back injuries counting huge dollars against the cap will be flat out devastating.

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While Romo may not be able to see the end of this contract, he will see the field in 2014 as Dallas’ starting quarterback, for which you can get your 2014 Cowboys tickets here.

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