Did Jonathan Martin Troll Justin Bieber?

By RantSports Staff
Jonathan Martin
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Martin has become the poster child for anti-bullying over the past few months. After he left the Miami Dolphins last fall and started a media circus, the league hasn’t quite been the same. Questions are now prevalent about the culture in NFL locker rooms. Are the conversations in locker rooms too racy? Are young players over-hazed? The Martin situation started a conversation that’s never been had before in the NFL.

But now Martin is coming under a little fire for a comment he allegedly made on Twitter. TMZ is reporting that Martin recently tweeted this out: “Never be embarrassed of who you are … Unless you’re Justin Bieber.”

However, when I went to his account, I could not find this tweet, nor could I find a screenshot of it on the internet. But he did have a follow up tweet which read: “Don’t get it twisted… Biebs is one of the most talented artists out there… He just makes some questionable decisions.”

As you would imagine, many people don’t like the concept of Martin making fun of anyone. Sure, he was just kidding around, but after the last few months of his life, he really has no business making negative comments about anybody.

Read into this what you want to, but it appears that he deleted the tweet to avoid further criticism (probably a good move)…

As for question’s about Martin’s football future, many think he’ll end up with Andrew Luck in Indianapolis. The two played together at Stanford and a renewed partnership in the NFL makes a lot of sense.


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