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2014 NFL Draft: Ranking Jacksonville Jaguars’ Top 5 Needs

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Ranking the Jacksonville Jaguars Top 5 Draft Needs

Gus Bradley
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As far as talent is concerned, the Jacksonville Jaguars are by far the least talented team in the NFL. That’s what happens over years and years of poor free agency decisions and bad draft picks. With that said, not everything is hopeless in Jacksonville.

Gus Bradley is one of the best coaches in the entire league as far as getting his players to always give full effort, and David Caldwell is seemingly becoming one of the brightest GMs in the league today. However, regardless of Bradley and Caldwell’s brilliance, the fact the Jaguars have next to no talent is still very troubling, and is an issue that must be resolved.

With that said, it’s crucial that the Jaguars nail the 2014 NFL Draft. No longer can the team avoid the huge draft mistakes that have plagued the franchise over the past several years. Holding the third overall pick, Jacksonville is in a prime position to add talent, and it’s essential that they hit on their pick.

Overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars have no shortage of needs that should be taken care of either through free agency or through the NFL Draft. Bradley and Caldwell are the right men for their respective jobs, but they need to prove it with a solid draft that shows everyone that the team is willing and committed to improving both now and into the future. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is a ranking of the Jaguars' top five NFL draft needs.

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5. Running Back

running back
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Maurice Jones-Drew’s future in Jacksonville is surrounded with uncertainty. And with the team likely to select a quarterback in May’s draft, a solid running game becomes all the more important to the Jaguars' offensive success. This year’s draft has plenty of late-round options who could provide Jacksonville with their next feature back.

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4. Wide Receiver

Justin Blackmon
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Assuming the Jaguars decide draft their quarterback of the future with the third overall pick, the team needs to be sure they are surrounding their new quarterback with plenty of talent. Justin Blackmon is well on his way to flopping out of the league, and the team should make it a priority to draft a receiver to pair with Cecil Shorts.

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3. Tight End

Marcedes Lewis
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As much as I would love to believe that Marcedes Lewis is going to finally take the next step forward, it’s time to face the facts and admit that Lewis has pretty much maxed out his potential. While he may be fine as a backup, there is no doubt Jacksonville should target a tight end in this year's draft.

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2. Defensive End

Jadeveon Clowney
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Let’s pretend for a second that Jacksonville doesn't go with a quarterback with their first rounder. If that’s the case, it most likely means that the team has an opportunity to draft Jadeveon Clowney. And with a huge need at the position, it would be hard for the team to pass that up.

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1. Quarterback

Blaine Gabbert
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This one is obvious. Blaine Gabbert is officially a bust, and Chad Henne is right there with him. Jacksonville’s need for a quarterback is by far the most important need on the roster, and it should be taken care of through the draft.