Michael Vick to Minnesota Vikings Unlikely to Happen

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Vick
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Adrian Peterson got people talking the other night when he took to Twitter and acted as a recruiter. The league’s best running back of course proclaimed that Michael Vick would make the Minnesota Vikings instant playoff contenders. The free agent QB has been linked to a couple of teams this offseason, but the Vikings have not been one of them so far. However, that doesn’t mean a partnership doesn’t make sense.

On the surface, Vick to Minnesota is very intriguing. Him and AP on the same team, certainly would make opposing defenses sweat. I believe that the speedy QB still has a couple of solid years left in the tank and that Minneapolis would be a good spot for him. But is a partnership between the two sides realistic? Not so much.

No one is really sure what the Vikings are planning to do at QB this offseason. GM Rick Spielman has acknowledged that the team will go ‘young’ at QB, but that a veteran will also be brought in. The thing no one is sure about, is whether the Vikings will go young early or late in the draft, or if they’ll bring in a veteran to start or backup.

If they bring in Vick, you’d have to think it will be to start. Christian Ponder is basically set as the team’s backup, so if the Vikings go out and acquire a guy like Vick, it won’t be because they want him to backup Ponder.

As much as I get where AP’s head is at, and as much as I’d like to see him and Vick on the field at the same time — I just don’t think the Vikings will go in that direction. Spielman is all about youth and on top of that, Vick isn’t exactly a Norv Turner kind of guy. Turner’s QBs over the years have basically all been standard drop-back passers.

Michael Vick to the Vikings is certainly a real possibility, but when you look at the big picture, it just doesn’t like a direction that the people in charge would go in.


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