New Study Reveals Best/Worst NFL Teams For Michael Sam

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Sam
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As sad as the reality might be, not every team or city is going to accept Michael Sam for who he is. Even though it’s 2014 and we’ve made great strides as a society in being accepting of all people, regardless of race or sexuality, some teams will certainly be better fits for Sam than others. So who are the best and worst teams for the defensive end?

Luckily, a recent study from Emory College has answered these questions for us. How did they do it? With some research on one of the largest social media networks — Twitter.

Yes, a Twitter survey isn’t exactly scientific. However, the college looked at reactions to Sam’s sexuality announcement and isolated them by market. The study was conducted for two full days, from 2/9 – 2/11, and any tweet with Sam’s name in it was analyzed for positive, negative or neutral comments.

Here are the findings:

Best Fits

1. New York

2. St. Louis

3. Chicago

4. San Francisco

5. Boston

Worst Fits

1. Nashville

2. Oakland

3. Green Bay

4. Pittsburgh

5. San Diego


After viewing the study, I was a bit surprised with some of the results on the ‘worst’ side of things. You’d think that since Oakland and San Francisco (a city with one of the highest gay populations) are so close together, that people in the area would perceive Sam differently.

But overall, the study shows that we still have a lot of progress to make as a society. A gay football player is not a big deal in the scheme of things. But I guess for some, it still is.


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