New York Jets Signing Michael Vick Would Be The Sequel To 'Tebow Circus'

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Michael Vick
Jemal Countess/Stringer (Getty Images)

Many within the New York Jets fanbase feel quarterback Geno Smith needs more time to develop. Coming off a rocky rookie season, Smith has a long way to go before he can be mentioned with the more established names at starting quarterback. Of course, the argument could be made that if he were surrounded with better offensive targets, perhaps he wouldn’t have thrown all those interceptions.

The Jets decided to make a phone call to retired quarterback David Garrard to have him strictly be a mentor to Smith. You know, someone to help him understand progression at quarterback and how to deal with the ups and downs of your first-ever NFL season. It was a wise move for the Jets at the time, but it would be an even wiser move if they didn’t waste money on a veteran quarterback once the NFL free agency hits in less than a week.

There are a ton of rumors as to which direction the Jets plan to go at quarterback, with the biggest name on that list being Michael Vick.

Bringing Vick into the quarterback mix would be equivalent to the disaster that was the “Tebow Circus”. Yeah, the Jets idea to bring in Tim Tebow for a quarterback competition with Mark Sanchez a few years ago might go down as one of the worst moves in team history. The thought process here was to “push” Sanchez into being a better quarterback, when it was one of the main catalysts to the major decline in his career.

One truly hopes the Jets don’t allow the past to repeat itself by having a sequel to that entire ordeal. Can you imagine the media hype and frenzy if the Jets spent a big chunk of money on Vick?

The Jets would be wise to stay far away from Vick as it’ll only cause Smith to over-think every action on and off the field. Besides, Vick is past his prime, injury-prone and is looking to be a starter again this season. It wouldn’t make sense to stop Smith’s development just to let Vick sell jerseys and tickets because he is starting every week. The best thing to do is to simply let Smith have a normal quarterback competition this summer against Matt Simms and build around him.

It would make much more sense through free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft to get the missing pieces needed for his development, rather than his replacement for this season. The Jets should bring in a top wide receiver, tight end, and some offensive line depth to have Smith surrounded by great talent. That’s how you develop a quarterback since he’s nothing without prime targets to throw at and linemen to protect him at all times.

Vick would do nothing more than provide unnecessary distractions. We just finished Tebow Circus not too long ago, let’s not have a Vick one …

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