Unemployed DC Wade Phillips Takes Shot at Dallas Cowboys

By Andrew Fisher
Wade Phillips
USA Today Sports

Wade Phillips has made no bones about his dislike for unemployment. After holding a job in the NFL every year except one since 1976, it doesn’t like he’ll be called upon to help a team in 2014. This of course comes after spending the last three seasons as the Houston Texans defensive coordinator.

Most people wouldn’t peg Phillips as a Twitter kind of guy, but he actually tweets on a fairly regular basis. This particular tweet has people across the football world talking:

That’s right, Phillips just took a big ol’ shot at the Dallas Cowboys.

To be honest, that stat kind of surprised me as well. One of the things that’s surprising about it, is the fact that Garrett is actually over .500 during his time in Big-D. I thought for sure he’d be dead even, because let’s face it, that’ just how the Cowboys roll.

As for Phillips’ unemployed status, I don’t see it lasting too long. The guy is a proven defensive mind and at some point a franchise in need of an upgrade will reach out to him.

One of the former DC’s other recent tweets really shows just how successful he’s been:

“Disappointed not even an interview after 7 straight full seasons of top 10 D with 3 different teams. Last 5 times as D C= playoffs1st yr.”

Phillips also noted that he’s considering writing a book on the 3-4 defense.


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