Brian Urlacher's Outspoken Nature Toward Chicago Bears Is Getting Annoying

By Jacob Kornhauser
Brian Urlacher
Don McPeak – USA Today Sports

Ever since the Chicago Bears declined to re-sign future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, he has been pretty outspoken about the team to the media. At first, the seemingly bitter tone that Urlacher took on was understandable; he was a player who felt he deserved to go out on better terms and was upset it didn’t go that way. However, the fact that Urlacher still feels the need to speak out about his former team’s decisions is getting extremely annoying.

His latest comments came as a result of the news that the Bears wouldn’t bring back record-breaking return man Devin Hester next season. He ridiculed the front office by saying that they showed “no loyalty” to Hester, who will likely break the all-time returns record in a different uniform. Apparently Urlacher doesn’t realize that this was a business decision, not a personal decision. While it was great that former general manager Jerry Angelo and head coach Lovie Smith made more personal decisions, the current regime headed by Phil Emery isn’t going to do that.

In some cases, Urlacher can lend some unique insight into the game of football as he was one of the best at his position for a decade. However, when it comes to team and business decisions, he needs to keep his mouth shut. He’s never been the general manager of a team, so he doesn’t know what types of decisions need to be made for the better of the team.

If he’s answering questions for Fox Sports 1, where he now works as an analyst, about what goes on in any given play, then go for it, Brian. If not, please refrain from spouting off ignorance.

After over a season away from the game, Urlacher needs to get over the fact that the team went in a different direction. He’s a beloved Bear, but the more he comments on the affairs of the team, especially in a negative and ignorant way, the less the fans are going to remember all of his great years in Chicago.

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