New England Patriots Rumors: Darrelle Revis Trade Should Be Avoided Like the Plague

By Will Gellman
Darrelle Revis
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Over the past several days, rumors have started to intensify regarding a potential Darrelle Revis trade between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although the Bucs have stated that they are not desperate to deal Revis, it makes sense for the team to want to unload his $16 million per year contract, especially since he is not the best fit for their Tampa 2 zone defensive scheme.

As far as the Patriots are concerned, many fans have voiced their support of a deal for the talented cornerback. However, I am of the opinion that it would behoove the team to stay away from him. The reason for this is because the Patriots have  many other needs to fill before the cornerback position. In fact, you could argue that other than the quarterback position, it is the strongest position on the roster at the moment, even without Aqib Talib.

Even if the Pats did not sign a cornerback at all this offseason, they would still have Alfonzo Dennard, Logan Ryan and Kyle Arrington as their top three cornerbacks, which is more than adequate. With that said, the team will still probably bring in competition whether it be in the draft or free agency at the position if they cannot re-sign Talib.

Given the needs the Patriots have at wide receiver, tight end, defensive tackle, strong safety and even running back if they cannot bring back LeGarrette Blount, the team needs to supplement in free agency this year. Then the Pats can focus on the draft to bring in those high-impact playmakers fans love.

I have also heard fans say recently that if the Patriots were to get Revis, it would be a major health upgrade to Talib. There is this belief that Revis would automatically play every game for New England if he came to town and that he is the most durable corner they could acquire. The question I would have to ask these people is how exactly do you know that? In fact, if I were a betting man, I would lean towards the opposite with Revis.

For example, in 2010 Revis missed three games due to a hamstring injury, and in 2012, he played in just two games before tearing his ACL. The injury affected his play in 2013 as well, although he did play all 16 games. His talent is undeniable when healthy, but there is no guarantee he will stay healthy, especially as he gets older, as is the case with any player in the NFL.

Revis is set to turn 29 in July, and it is fair to wonder how much football he has left at the top of his game. For that reason, I would not devote a large amount of money and draft capital to acquire him, especially since the Patriots need to address several other positions this year first.

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