New York Giants: Eli Manning Should Remain QB

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Eli Manning
Maddie Meyer/Stringer – Getty Images

The New York Giants are coming off one of their worst seasons in franchise history in which everything went wrong on a consistent basis. Not even the greatest sports analysts in the world predicted the Giants would have had such a horrible season. Plagued with injuries, lack of consistency, and, of course, turnovers, everyone wants to forget about 2013 and move on.

Quarterback Eli Manning had a career high year, but not in a way most fans would have liked to see. Throwing for a league leading 27 interceptions, Manning just couldn’t find the right formula to be the kind of quarterback most remember him being in the past. You know, the kind of quarterback that led his team to not one, but two Super Bowl victories and always successfully performed in clutch situations.

Ending the season 7-9, the Giants went into the offseason with plenty of work to do to bounce back. The Giants already have their priorities set on what they need going into free agency, as well as the 2014 NFL Draft. They even got a head start on helping to jump start their offense by grabbing a new offensive coordinator.

With Kevin Gilbride retiring after a very long and successful NFL coaching career, the Giants went after and brought in Ben McAdoo — a familiar name since he’s been the main guy responsible for the potent aerial attack that’s been the foundation for the Green Bay Packers the past few years. McAdoo is exactly what the Giants needed to rebuild their offensive schemes into a more potent aerial assault.

For anyone who thinks Manning needs to go is not thinking about the long-term. Manning is clearly the quarterback for the future since he’s not done yet adding more championships to his resume with the Giants. Everyone has a bad season or two here and there, but Manning is a proven quarterback who is worthy of a long contract extension, despite the nightmare that was last season.

It’s expected that the Giants will be restructuring Manning’s contract this offseason, and also include more years to make him end his career with the team, and rightfully so. Expect to see Manning around for a long time, and now with a new offensive playbook that will be built around his strengths, there is no denying Manning is the answer for many years to come.

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