Dallas Cowboys Need to Avoid All Big Names In Free Agency

By Josh Bateman
DeMarcus Ware
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With NFL free agency approaching, a lot of big names and even previous franchise players are going to be on the market. Jared Allen, Chris Johnson, Darren Sproles and Eric Decker are just a few of the many significant players who will be testing the free agency market. Unless the Dallas Cowboys are able to find a player at incredible value, they will have to stick to the draft as a solution to their problems.

The most prominent reason the Cowboys will be avoiding free agency is money. Even though there was uproar over the Cowboys’ cap situation, they were able to reconstruct the necessary contracts and cut some of the more insignificant players in order to get under the limit without any real issues.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the Cowboys are going to have any kind of spending money. With both Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware on the team while being under the cap, cutting either of them will free up a lot of space. Even though it may create enough space for some big movements in free agency, however, that doesn’t mean it’s the smartest thing to do.

If the Cowboys are not willing to pay Ware’s contract, there’s no reason to believe they will pick up any other significant contract. Ware has been the best defensive player on the Cowboys for a generation and even though he had a down season last year, the Cowboys are not planning on cutting him because of his play — it is because of his contract.

Most players testing free agency are doing so because they are looking for the best possible deal. If the Cowboys are not willing to keep Ware’s contract, they are certainly not going to take on any other big free agent’s contract.

Potentially cutting Ware for not agreeing to take a pay cut means the Cowboys would rather use money that could be spent on big players on more players who may not play as large of a role. Given the state of the Cowboys’ defense last year and the multitude of problems they had, it would be wise to target cheaper free agents and focus on the draft.

Ware and Allen are once-in-a-generation type players, and there can be no doubt that they would have an impact and improve the team. The problem with them is that by avoiding those big contracts, the Cowboys can find cheaper improvements, allowing them to address more of the problems.

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