Chicago Bears Rumors: Julius Peppers Must be Cut if Not Traded

By RantSports Staff
julius peppers trade
Getty Images

It’s no secret the Chicago Bears aren’t exactly fond of the mammoth contract they gave Julius Peppers in 2010. With two years left on his deal, the Bears still owe him almost $30 million and his cap numbers in 2014 and ’15 are over $18.2 million and $20.5 million. Now the Bears aren’t exactly hurting with salary cap space — they have almost $13 million to spend this offseason — but if they want to sign a big-time free agent like they’re wanting, he’ll have to be cut. However, the latest rumors suggest he might be traded instead.

Again, Peppers’ ginormous cap numbers aren’t going to entice most teams to inquire seriously about a deal for him, so the Bears are likely going to have to bite the bullet and give him that money or get rid of him. Sure, it would hurt to see a player of Peppers’ caliber gone, but it’s necessary for Chicago to get better in the remainder of the Jay Cutler era.

Put simply, no NFL team can afford two players with the kinds of cap numbers Cutler and Peppers are holding. Thus, one of them has to leave and it’s obviously not going to be the quarterback, who just got a new seven-year deal. As for trade partners for Peppers, that’s a lost cause. Expect the Bears to make Peppers a post-June 1 cut, as they should.

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