Jacksonville Jaguars Rumors: Jason Babin Not Necessarily Gone

By RantSports Staff
Jason Babin nfl free agent jaguars
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In the all the big free agency news on Monday, Jason Babin’s name came up as the former Pro Bowl defensive end elected to void the final two years of his contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars and hit the free agent market. While he will undoubtedly listen to offers from other teams, the 33-year-old pass-rusher isn’t necessarily done with the Jaguars as the latest rumors suggest he just wants a new deal and this is his way of forcing that upon the team.

Indeed, the latest reports state Babin is interested in re-signing with the Jaguars, who have the second-most salary cap space among any NFL team with over $55 million to spend this offseason. Knowing the team is going to use that can to upgrade its roster for the 2014 NFL season, Babin is making sure that he gets plenty of it if he decides to stay in Jacksonville. At his age, he’s not off track to try and get as much money as possible from his team now since he likely won’t get another big payday before he hits retirement age.

Since he’s willing to re-sign with the Jaguars, he’s clearly not just after money. Otherwise, the only team with more money to spend than Jacksonville is the Oakland Raiders, who also aren’t going to contend for a title anytime soon. The Indianapolis Colts have the most cap space of any Super Bowl contender, so that would be ideal for a free agent looking for adequate pay on a good team. But if we had to bet, we’d say Babin will be in a Jaguars uniform again in 2014 with a little bit thicker wallet.

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