Johnny Manziel Is Not The Answer For Dallas Cowboys

By rodneygray

He may very well end up being the most successful QB in this year’s draft class, but for the Dallas Cowboys to risk a first-round pick on a Johnny Manziel after paying Tony Romo franchise money is just ludicrous.

There has been plenty of speculation on what the Cowboys should do in this year’s NFL Draft. One move that has been brought up by football fanatics and Cowboy fanatics alike is the premise of trading up to take Manziel and dumping Romo to another squad.

“Johnny Football” has been putting on electrifying performances in the SEC for the past two years. Manziel will undoubtedly be the one quarterback in this draft that generates the most media buzz in his rookie season. He will be bombarded with questions no matter if he is a gem or bust. He’s just that type of player.

Owner Jerry Jones loves these types of players. Jones loves players who have the “it” factor, the players that make the great plays on the field and boast the same type of charisma and moxie off of the field.

Manziel has all of the intangibles to be a great quarterback, but that is not the issue when it comes to the Cowboys drafting him. With a defense that was ranked near the bottom of every statistical category in the NFL, quarterback should be the least of Dallas’ worries.

Manziel is indeed great, but when the Cowboys have a veteran quarterback like Romo who had a stellar year before getting injured, drafting another quarterback when their defense will bleed away any lead anyway is not the best move. Manziel showed he could put up points in college, but so can everyone else in the NFL.

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