New York Jets Make Correct Decision In Releasing Santonio Holmes

By Steven Carollo
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Just one day after the New York Jets parted ways with No. 1 cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the Jets announced that they have also released No. 1 wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

While some may disagree with this move, I believe with every fiber in my body that releasing Holmes is the best thing for this franchise moving forward. Here are my reasons.

For one, Holmes is a shell of his former self. The ex-Super Bowl MVP has been riddled with injuries and only played in 11 out of 16 games last season, with 23 receptions for 456 yards and only one touchdown. And if you thought that was bad, the previous season was even worse. In 2012, Holmes played in only four games with 20 receptions for 272 yards and only one touchdown.

While Holmes played in six more games last season, rookie quarterback Geno Smith obviously was not fond in targeting Holmes, as he caught just three more passes in 11 games last season than he did the previous year in only four games. You also have to take into consideration that all of the Holmes’ injuries have taken their toll on him and he just cannot get open anymore, hence why he only caught 23 passes in 11 games last season.

Not only is Holmes’ production on the decline, but he also took up a good chunk of cap space that the Jets are happy to rid themselves of. Releasing Holmes has saved the Jets $8.25 million towards the salary cap this upcoming season, and with the Jets likely to sign one or two free agent cornerbacks and wide receivers, the money will definitely be put into good use.

Before the offseason though, Holmes did express that he would take less money to stay with the Jets, but I am glad the team decided to move on. Not only is he not the player he once was, he is 30 years old now, and his reputation of a cancer in the locker room, with his constant bad attitude and willingness to throw teammates under the bus when things get tough, had to be addressed.

For the past couple of seasons, the Jets have done their best to weed out the bad seeds in the locker room, and Holmes should be the last of them. Holmes on this team would only stunt the Jets’ growth, as they are looking to get back to the playoffs this upcoming season after missing out on them three straight years.

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