Jerry Jones Finally Acts Like GM in Releasing Demarcus Ware

By Jeremy Martin
Demarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks I have been saying that Jerry Jones’ loyalty would keep him from doing the right thing when it came to Demarcus Ware. I was sure that he would do what he has always done and restructure Ware’s deal instead of releasing him. Well, I was wrong, and Cowboys fans probably are not happy about it, but they should be.

Jones is constantly criticized for moves as owner and GM, and most of the time he deserves every bit of it — but not this time. This time, Cowboys fans should applaud Jones for making the tough, but right, decision. It is the decision I did not believe he had the guts to make.

Ware is one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time. He is the Cowboys’ all-time sack leader; he has been a great player, and possibly even a better person. However, the NFL is a business. It was not good business sense for Dallas to pay him $16 million dollars in 2014.

Dallas asked Ware to take a pay cut and he refused, and I really do not blame him. Ware still feels he is a valuable piece who can still help a team. I believe Ware will be a sought after free agent. I expect him to go to a Super Bowl contender, be a situational pass rusher, and get double digit sacks in 2014.

I see this as a win-win for Ware and the Cowboys. Ware will get paid and have a chance to finally get to a Super Bowl. Dallas gets added cap space to help fill the numerous holes on their roster. However, I know Cowboys fans will not see it that way because they love Ware and despise Jones.

The funny thing is, the biggest criticism of Jones is that he is not a good GM. While I agree that he is not a good GM, in this case, he did what a good GM would do. The job of a GM is to make the tough decisions, and many times the decision is not popular. What fans have to understand is that sometimes, just because a decision is unpopular, does not mean it isn’t the right one.

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