Philadelphia Eagles Overpay for Malcolm Jenkins in Free Agency

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The Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time in filling the safety spot they opened up with the release of Patrick Chung by signing Malcolm Jenkins to a three-year, $16.25 million deal. All of the Eagles’ analysts and reporters were calling for the team to make both of these moves, but why in the world would they give him $5.4 million per year?

Sure, Jenkins has a Super Bowl ring and was a second-team All-Pro in 2010, but in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately? world that is the NFL these days, this was way too much money for an average defensive back. But it’s the Eagles — what do you expect?

Philly is trying to mimic the old-school approach the Seattle Seahawks used at safety during their Super Bowl run this past season, but that’s easier said than done. The Eagles are looking to get a traditional free and strong safety and Jenkins is a solid zone coverage guy with experience covering the slot receiver and you don’t get more traditional than that. But he’s also not a suitable fit for an Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor mold, which is what Philly wants him to be.

Jenkins doesn’t have the lateral mobility needed for that, which is why he’s playing safety in the first place. The big thing on Jenkins is he can do a lot of things pretty well, but he doesn’t do anything really well, which is what you need in a traditional free safety. Had the Eagles signed him for half the money they did, this would be a great move. But for $16.25 million, they’ll regret this just like they regretted signing Nnamdi Asomugha a few years back.

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  • Brett

    …less than half of which is guaranteed. And look at what they’re losing in the process. Paying potentially $2 million more than Chung for a solid starter and secondary leader is a minuscule price to pay if you ask me. Not to mention comparing any potential disappointment to that resulting from the Nnamdi deal is completely ridiculous. That was one of the biggest free agency busts of all time…it’s impossible that $5.4 million a year could cause that much disappointment unless Jenkins actively works against the Eagles during games.

  • FireBreather

    Whoever wrote this is an IDIOT!!!!!!! He obviously read a few different articles that other REAL sports writers put out in the last few hours…and he’s a Philly hater, likely a Dallas fan…so he threw this BS together? He saw a piece earlier talking about the Seahawks having an old school approach, but is VERY confused because the Eagles utilyze a COMPLETELY different approach at safety…they use interchangeable players NOT a strong and free typical safety scheme. MORON!!!!!!!! If ur gonna steal info at least dont plagiarize- cite ur sources and then try and make sense. Furthermore its a great deal- dude was a defensive captain the last 2 seasons and if u read reports from the scouts…he’s still ascending and growing as a player…so if that holds tru he will be even MORE valuable and would effectively cost MORE MONEY later. DUMB A$$

  • CowboysFan

    To be honest, I’m not really sure if the author is at all aware of what guaranteed money means or the type of player Jenkins is. To say they are looking for a Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor is harshly ignorant. They were looking for a Malcom Jenkins.