Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Team Wise to Pursue DeMarcus Ware

By RantSports Staff
DeMarcus Ware eagles rumors
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Everyone knew DeMarcus Ware would demand a high price on the NFL free agent market if he was cut by the Dallas Cowboys, but no one really had an idea of which team might sign him. That is no longer the case as the Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly pursing Ware as their new top free agent target and they’re wise to do so.

For starters, Ware could record 20 sacks this season. He’s done it before and missed that mark by half a sack a second time. He’ll be healthy this year and motivated to make the Cowboys regret their decision to let him go. Plus, he would bring inside information for the Eagles and he’d get to play against his old team at least twice a year.

The Eagles have over $25 million in cap space to spend this offseason and that’s plenty to sign Ware to a relatively expensive three-year deal for him to play out the remainder of his prime. Add in the opportunity to take down Tony Romo in front of Jerry Jones each and every year at Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium) and Ware may sign with Philly right away.

Of course, the almighty dollar will ultimately decide where Ware plays in 2014 and beyond, but the Eagles are definitely in play for his services and they’d be foolish not to pursue the future Hall of Famer.

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