San Francisco 49ers Make Questionable Move, Trade for QB Blaine Gabbert

By Connor Muldowney
Blaine Gabbert
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In the case of questionable trades on the first day of free agency, Blaine Gabbert to the San Francisco 49ers has to take the cake. Sure, it was a low-risk, low-reward trade because he will likely never see the field of play under Jim Harbaugh as the second or third-string QB, but giving up a sixth-round pick for a guy with 22 career touchdowns and 24 career interceptions is questionable.

You might be asking why giving up such a low pick in the draft is a bad move for a quarterback like Gabbert from the Jacksonville Jaguars, but if you have ever seen him play a snap, you would realize that a quarterback in the sixth round of this year’s draft would be better off than the former Jaguars’ starter.

Heck, if the Jaguars don’t want you, then you know something is wrong.

Gabbert has a career 66.4 QB rating and a career 53.3 percent completion rate, making a fight for the backup job almost solely in Gabbert’s hands with Colt McCoy as a free agent.

While this may seem like a solid move on the 49ers part to some people, the Jaguars got away with a steal on this one and could end up getting a much better quarterback in the sixth round of a drafted that is relatively deep with QB talent.

Colin Kaepernick will never give up his starting job to Gabbert, but 49ers fans better hope the mobile quarterback never gets hurt because the offense would take a big hit with Gabbert behind center — yes, he had a 36.0 QB rating in 2013.

It will be interesting to see how this move pays off for both teams.

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