Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Jermichael Finley Would be High-Risk/High-Reward Signing

By RanterX
jermichael finley seahawks rumors
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All signs are pointing to former Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley signing with the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 NFL free agency period. Finley is traveling to the Great Midwest on Tuesday night to meet with the Seahawks, who are expected to sign the former Texas Longhorns standout. However, that would be something uncharacteristic of Seattle.

If Finley had been anywhere near the player he was supposed to be on a consistent basis with the Packers, then this would be a no-brainer for the defending champs. In that best-case scenario, the Seahawks would be getting even better while gearing up to win a second consecutive Lombardi Trophy, but that’s all Finely is: a best-case scenario player.

He has shown flashes of sheer brilliance during his career, but he hasn’t lived up to his potential with multiple problems of inconsistency, most particularly dropping the ball. With his size and athleticism, Finley should be a top-three tight end as he was projected to be multiple times, but injuries and what seemed like a lack of focus held him back.

Then came the incident in October when he was carted off the field after a hit to the head, which put him in ICU temporarily and made it initially seem like he might not play football again. Clearly he will, but that’s just another added risk of signing him, especially for a team like Seattle that plays very physically in a tough division.

The Seahawks are the opposite of the Packers in that regard and Finley comes with two types of baggage, some that he can control and some that he can’t. That adds up to a big risk for the Seahawks. Of course, if Pete Carroll can work his magic with Finley, this could be the steal of the free agency period. Major emphasis on the word “could”.

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