Golden Tate Signing Does Little For Detroit Lions

By Andrew Fisher
Golden Tate Seattle Seahawks
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It was pretty clear to most in the football world that the Detroit Lions were going to acquire a wide receiver in free agency. With Nate Burleson headed out of town, Detroit needed to add another pass-catcher to play alongside Calvin Johnson. It appears that just 24 hours into free agency, that they’ve found their man.

Reports have surfaced which indicate that Golden Tate will sign on to become the newest member of the Lions.

After word of Tate visiting Detroit emerged on Tuesday, most people started to connect the dots. It was probably only going to be a matter of time before the Super Bowl-winning WR put his John Hancock on a contract from the Lions.

So, what does the signing mean for Detroit? Is this a good deal?

We’re still waiting on financial terms of the deal, but it’s pretty clear that Tate is not going to break the bank. He’s a good, not great receiver. So assuming that the Lions didn’t overpay for him, is he a good fit?

Tate will fit in with the Lions. They needed to add a pass-catcher who plays out of the slot, and the golden one certainly fits the bill when it comes to that. But is he a player that significantly increases the Lions’ offensive stock? Not really. In his four-year career, Tate has never caught more than 64 passes and he’s never come close to eclipsing the 1,000-yard. Will he surpass either mark in Detroit? It’s unlikely, but not out of the question.

To be clear, Tate should put up solid numbers for the Lions. He’ll be a good complimentary piece on their offense and he’ll no doubt get lots of one-on-one opportunities playing with Megatron. But Lions fans should be hoping that the team is not done making moves in free agency, or that they’re planning to take another WR early in the draft.

Up to this point, all the Lions have essentially done is replace Burleson with Tate — a minor upgrade at best.


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