New York Jets Rumors: Eric Decker Should Take What He Can Get

By RantSports Staff
Eric Decker jets rumors
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After the first day of the 2014 NFL free agency ended, everyone looked around at who was left and thought, ‘Oh yeah, Eric Decker is a free agent.’ Put simply, that’s not a good thing for the former Denver Broncos receiver who made it clear he’s out for a big pay day this offseason. The problem is he’s not garnering nearly as much attention on the market as he had hoped, although the frenzy for second-tier free agents has yet to begin. When Decker visits the New York Jets on Wednesday, he better not get greedy.

New York parted ways with Santonio Holmes just before the free agency period began, so it’s clear the Jets are in the market for a new top receiver. As the second season of the Geno Smith era begins, New York is determined to give him weapons to prove he was worth the second-round pick used on him in the 2013 NFL Draft.

It’s unknown if Decker is seeking a specific number in yearly salary, but he made it clear he’s going to sign with the highest bidder, which won’t be the Broncos. The Jets have over $25 million in cap space, which is plenty enough to give Decker a deal that would make him happy to move to the Big Apple.

Update: Decker did indeed meet with the Jets prior to the explosions in New York, which may disrupt other free agent meetings.

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