Patriots Sign Darrelle Revis, Attempt To Keep Pace With Broncos in AFC

By Andrew Fisher
Darrelle Revis
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For NFL fans who couldn’t stop speculating as to where Darrelle Revis might land, the wait is finally over. After a couple days worth of buzz, Revis has finally found a new home. To the surprise of very few, that new home is in Massachusetts with the New England Patriots on a one-year, $12 million deal.

The Pats were mentioned as a landing spot for the talented corner as soon as word broke that he’d be available on the trade market. However, it seemed highly unlikely from the start that Revis would be dealt. Given the size of his contract, it was much more likely that the Bucs would release him and that he’d ultimately be free to sign anywhere.

After rumors across the internet went back-and-forth between a return to the New York Jets and fresh start with the Patriots, we now know what the next chapter in Revis’ career will look like.

But after all the moves the Denver Broncos have made over the last two days, is the signing of Revis enough to make a big difference in New England?

You can argue that Revis is just Aqib Talib‘s replacement. Is he a better CB? Sure. But the signing of Revis alone, isn’t going to put the Pats back in the Super Bowl. Let’s not forget that they got absolutely beat down by Denver in the AFC title game this past January. The two teams were far apart, and there’s nothing about the Patriots right now today that makes you think they’ll be able to knock off of the Broncos come next postseason.

I love Revis Island relocating to New England. It’s a good place for him and he’ll no doubt help the Pats stay in the top-tier of AFC teams. But it’s pretty clear that there’s still lots of work to be done before we can say that the Patriots are ‘keeping pace’ with the Broncos this offseason.


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