Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Trade in Mike Glennon's Future?

By Andrew Fisher
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Confident Mike Glennon is Right Man for Job
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After the signing of Josh McCown on Tuesday, my first thought was that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had just created a quarterback controversy. However, any potential talk of a QB controversy has already been squashed by new Bucs head coach Lovie Smith. When asked if McCown was his guy in Tampa, Smith quickly responded with a yes.

This was a smart move by Smith, because he knows that if you have two QBs, you don’t have one. If the team had elected to stay with Mike Glennon at QB, the fans would have been screaming for McCown right after the first time that Glennon had a bad game. Now, all of those potential bad scenarios are gone.

So what’s next for Glennon?

One possibility is that he’ll be traded. Smith also noted that the Bucs would still look at taking a QB at No. 7 in the draft this year, which really makes it seem like Glennon isn’t in the team’s future plans, in any capacity.

Obviously, anytime a coach makes a statement about the draft like that, you have to take it with a grain of salt. It could just be a proverbial ‘smoke screen’ comment.

If you’re Bucs fan, just be glad that you know who the starting QB will be heading into camp. Will McCown be up to the task as essentially a first-time starter in the NFL? Judging by the way he played in 2013, it definitely seems possible.

As for Glennon, don’t be surprised if he’s sent packing in the near future.


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