Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Steve Smith Would Be Great Addition

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports
Steve Smith

The 2014 NFL wide receiver free agent market was shaken up a bit on Thursday with the news of Steve Smith‘s release from the Carolina Panthers. After 13 long years in Carolina, Smith will be playing for a new team for the first time in 2014. Earlier today, reports emerged that the Rams were interested in the veteran WR. Now, it looks like he could be headed to the Baltimore Ravens.

Reports are coming out that the Ravens are very interested in bringing Smith on board. This makes sense, because we can all see that the Ravens need to do some serious upgrading on offense. Last year’s team fought hard and nearly made it back to the playoffs to defend its Super Bowl crown. However, there just wasn’t enough firepower on offense to get the job done.

Smith to Baltimore makes sense in the very short-term. If he’s willing to ink a one or two-year deal at a reasonable price, I like the move to sign him. If he still wants to be paid like the receiver he’s been for most of his career, that’s just not going to happen. The speedy WR is in the waning and likely final years of his career, and it’s time that he takes a serious pay cut.

One thing does seem certain — Smith is going to be very motivated, wherever he plays in 2014. He’s made no bones about being upset over his release from the Panthers and he’s sounds like a guy who’s going to be on a mission next year.

I think he still has enough gas left in the tank, but that he also needs to fall into the right situation. He’s going to be a complimentary player from now on, whether he likes it or not.


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