Henry Melton Being Sued, Allegedly Bit Bar Owner

By Andrew Fisher
Henry Melton Free Agency
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Henry Melton is currently in the midst of trying to land a new job. He’s scheduled to meet with the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday and many are expecting him to sign any day now. So this makes the news of him being sued, all the more inconvenient.

What is Melton being sued for, you ask? Oh, just for allegedly biting a bar owner. That’s right, a Texas bar owner is taking the d-lineman to court, seeking over $1 million.

Here’s the story from a local Texas TV station:

As per usual, Melton’s agent has released a statement refuting the claims:

“We have recently reviewed the lawsuit and do not believe the validity of the allegations made. We look forward to providing the true facts in court and will defend this matter vigorously. We will seek to hold The Chill and others accountable for any and all damages Henry has suffered at the hands of multiple men who attacked him.”

Will this possible lawsuit have an impact on his NFL future? It’s certainly possible. At the same time, you have to take all lawsuits in this country with a grain of salt. People will grab for money and they have no shame when it comes to possibly striking it rich.

The Vikings are surely somewhat aware of this situation, because Melton was arrested after the bar altercation. Whether he truly stepped over the line by biting someone, is up for the courts to decide.

God bless America.


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