New England Patriots Fire Back In Arms Race With Denver Broncos With Darrelle Revis Addition

By Ryan Wenzell
New England Patriots Darrelle Revis
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots responded in a big way to the Denver Broncos‘ flurry of signings on day one of free agency. They replaced Aqib Talib with perhaps the best cornerback in football in Darrelle Revis.

It was a move that frankly the Patriots needed to make. The Broncos look like the class of the AFC right now, and with all their weapons and firepower it is crucial that the Pats have a stopper on defense to combat that.

They just landed one. Revis shuts his side of the field down — plain and simple. They are also only committed to Revis for one season, which benefits the club twofold. If things potentially go sour they can just cut ties and move on after this season. If he plays exceptionally on the field and is a model citizen they can also extend him in-season.

The Patriots still have a lot of work to do. It looks like Tom Brady‘s favorite target will be moving elsewhere for a second consecutive offseason. The Pats don’t seem to have made re-signing Julian Edelman a top priority.

The Pats are going to have to really bolster themselves on offense. That looks like it is coming in an offensively rich draft class. Tight end and receiver are a must if the Pats want any chance at competing with the Broncos.

This was a heck of a start, though. Is there any doubt who the top two teams in the AFC are? This season is going to be fun.

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