New England Patriots Shouldn't Worry About Eric Decker Signing

By Gian D'Ambra
Eric Decker
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Despite these last two phenomenal years with the Denver Broncos, Eric Decker won’t make too big of an impact for the New York Jets. Whether it’ll end up being his fault or that of his quarterback (whoever that may be), his numbers will take a big hit; and the New England Patriots shouldn’t be worried. They don’t even need to make a “counter move” to balance out the Decker signing.

One reason not to fret is Decker’s production, or lack there of, against the Patriots the last two years. In two regular season games he had a grand total of five catches for 26 yards. He did have a productive 2013 AFC Championship Game against the Patriots, but that was against a team that didn’t decide to wake up until the fourth quarter — a Patriots team that also lost their best secondary player in Aqib Talib, who is now on the Broncos.

With Peyton Manning as his QB, Decker had 85+ catches, 1,000+ receiving yards and 11+ touchdowns each of the last two seasons. But the drop-off from Manning to whoever the Jets QB will be in 2014 is tremendous. Mark Sanchez has a career completion percentage of 55.1 to go with 68 TDs and 69 interceptions. Geno Smith threw for 55.8 percent completions with 12 passing TDs and 21 INTs in 2013. Matt Simms just might be the Jets’ best bet at QB in 2014, and he’s no Manning.

So, it’s safe to say the Jets don’t have anybody who can efficiently get Decker the ball. He has also dropped the fifth-most passes of any NFL player in each of the last two years. Those odds don’t exactly work in Decker and the Jets’ favor.

The Darrelle Revis signing will also help the Patriots after losing Talib, because Revis is at least still worthy of a starting spot. Every other defensive back on the Patriots roster is 27 years old at most, with the exception of the 34-year-old Adrian Wilson. With that, the Patriots will at least have the speed on the field to contain Decker and help them beat the Jets twice in 2014.

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