New York Jets Shouldn't Worry About Darrelle Revis Joining New England Patriots

By Greg Sulik
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest signing of this free agent period happened when the New England Patriots agreed to terms with star cornerback Darrelle Revis on a 1-year, $12 million deal. The immediate reaction from a lot of people was that this was a total disaster for the New York Jets, who were interested in re-signing their former star but instead will have to play against him twice this season. However, the Jets and their fans shouldn’t care that Revis is on the Pats.

First of all, it’s a one year deal. Revis will be seeking a long term contract after this season, and if this season’s lack of negotiations with Aqib Talib are any indication, it is unlikely the Patriots will give him one. If Revis performs up to his standard, he will want to become the highest paid corner in the NFL. Making him that is not the Patriot way, especially considering Nate Solder and Vince Wilfork will be free agents and the Pats still have other needs.

Second, let’s be realistic about the Jets here. They were lucky to go 8-8 this season, and they still have a ton of work to do to upgrade their roster. Even if we’re optimistic and say that Geno Smith develops into solid starter (which is very far from guaranteed), the Jets still aren’t realistic challengers to the Patriots for at least one more season.

Does it suck to see Revis wearing the colors of the enemy? Of course. Will he be a thorn in the Jets’ side this season and shut down Eric Decker twice? Yeah, probably. In the grand scheme of things, will that matter? Not at all. Unless Revis signs a long term deal with New England, which remains unlikely, the Jets have nothing to worry about. They are playing the long game, and what happens this season is not as important as being prepared to contend in 2015 and beyond.

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