Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Julius Peppers Chatter is Horse Radish

By Jeric Griffin
Julius Peppers cowboys rumors
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Just in time for the weekend, reports and rumors are coming out of Valley Ranch stating the Dallas Cowboys are interested in free agent defensive end Julius Peppers, who was cut by the Chicago Bears when the 2014 NFL free agency signing period began earlier this week. Put simply, that’s arguably the most ridiculous rumor about the Cowboys in the past decade, and that’s saying something.

For starters, Peppers in 34 years old and coming off a season that can be described as average…at best. He played a full 16 games for the Bears, who missed the playoffs after losing a winner-take-all battle with the Green Bay Packers for the NFC North title in Week 17. Sound familiar? He recorded only seven sacks to go along with 31 tackles, hardly enough to justify his $18 million cap number for 2014, of which the Bears wisely ridded themselves.

Two of the other three teams in the NFC North, including the Packers, were among the top 10 teams in sacks allowed in 2013, yet Peppers recorded his lowest total of that statistic during his four-year tenure with the Bears. Sure, it might have been a down year, except for the fact he only recorded eight in his first year with Chicago. Now eight sacks is nothing at which to scoff for a player who counts $6 million against the cap, but not for one who counts three times that. And save your nonsense talk about his ability to stop the run because that may have once been true, the Bears had the worst run defense in the NFL in 2013. You’ve completely lost your marbles if you think that’s just a coincidence.

After being on the free agent market for a few days, why has Peppers not signed a deal already? There are only two possible reasons: 1. No contender wants him and/or 2. He’s asking for too much money. Either way, he’s not a good fit for the Cowboys because they definitely don’t need a player of Peppers’ status who isn’t wanted by a contender and they don’t have enough salary cap space to overpay for an overrated, older player like Peppers.

Sure, the Cowboys are “interested” in Peppers, but so are over half the teams in the NFL if you add the quotation marks around the word. We’re still really early in the offseason, so interest in players like Peppers isn’t that surprising, but to think the Cowboys are seriously trying to sign him is foolish.

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