Julian Edelman Could Be Missing Ingredient For San Francisco 49ers

By Andrew Fisher
Julian Edelman
USA Today Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are this close. They’ve been to the NFC title game for three consecutive years and there’s little reason to doubt that they’ll be right back in the thick of things in 2014. However, we can all see that the 49ers passing game could use some upgrading. It’s no secret that they’re currently in the market to ink another pass-catcher, and they’ve even got a guy in mind. That guy would be Julian Edelman.

After turning down an offer from the New England Patriots, Edelman is currently gauging his value on the open market. In addition to the 49ers, the Ravens and Browns have also expressed interest in signing him.

Edelman is set to visit the 49ers on Friday and there just so happens to be a ‘kicker’ in all of this. That would be the fact that Edelman is from California. He was born in Redwood City and played high school and college ball in the state as well (before transferring to Kent State).

So on top of the 49ers already being legitimate Super Bowl contenders, they also might have ‘hometown’ advantage when it comes to signing the WR.

There’s really no beating around the bush here — inking Edelman would be huge for the Niners. Absolutely huge. He’d make the passing game a heck of a lot more dynamic and his presence would certainly help Colin Kaepernick grow as a QB.

We all know that the 49ers defense is going to be tough and one of the best units in the league in 2014. It’s now a matter of whether the San Francisco offense can take things up a notch to get this team over the proverbial hump. Is Julian Edelman the missing ingredient? He just might be.


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