Miami Dolphins Need to Sign Knowshon Moreno

Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

Justin Edmonds – Getty Images

Free agency is four days in and most of the big-name free agents are off of the market. Players such as Demarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, Darrelle Revis, Eric Decker and Julius Peppers are now with new teams after spending very little time on the free-agent market.

Because free agency is now four days old, and all of the big-name free agents are off of the board, the market is now a buyer’s market. Do not expect many big money or long-term contracts offered to the market’s remaining free agents. Because this is now a buyer’s market, this favors teams like the Miami Dolphins, who still have needs at certain positions.

With Ben Tate being signed by the Cleveland Browns, one of the top free-agent running backs is now off of the market. What this also means is that one less team is in the market for a running back.

Knowshon Moreno is now the market’s top running back. The Dolphins averaged just 90 rushing yards per game last season with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller at running back. The team ranked 26th in the NFL in rushing and provided very little supporting to the passing game.

With the way the Dolphins are approaching the running backs on the free-agent market, it would appear Miami plans on drafting a running back to solve it’s running game woes. Though the Dolphins would still be wise to draft a running back at some point during the 2014 NFL Draft, the Dolphins would be even wiser to sign an established veteran to start at running back for the team next season.

Moreno possesses the ability to run, receive and block for the quarterback. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was sacked a league-high 58 times in 2013. Miller and Thomas combined for just 41 receptions and 233 yards in the receiving game. Moreno alone had 60 receptions for 548 yards for the Denver Broncos last season. Moreno ranked in the top five in touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards for a running back in 2013.

If the Dolphins were to sign Moreno right now, it wouldn’t cost them any more than $4-5 million per year. Considering the franchise has so much cap space, signing Moreno would be beneficial toward ensuring the Dolphins have a capable running back to play alongside Tannehill in 2014.

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  • Dewbert

    A buyer’s market is another way of saying there are no good players left. Which means, any players we add are not first string caliber. We can get non-first string caliber in the draft. We missed the boat on all the good free agents. They are gone.

    • Miami First

      Hickey has done a decent job of addressing needs so far

      • Dewbert

        That is debatable. We upgraded one position. The other positions are questionable. But, we saved money to pay whoever is still available in free agency.

        • Miami First

          Debatable is correct. We won’t know for sure until the season starts. We know what we “lost” in free agency, but let’s wait and see if what we acquired is an upgrade. I like the fact that Hickey and the Fins were able to retain Grimes and Starks as well as acquiring Albert. Finnegan, S. Smith and Delmas might be surprises, time will tell.

          • Dewbert

            The problem is, when you know what you lost and that was good, then you replace it with an unknown, there is a high probability you have not improved. Even if you replace it with someone of equal ability, you have not improved. You may have saved money to improve other areas, but if you keep making the same moves, you still don’t improve. Then you have a team full of mediocrity.

          • Paulmatthew22

            I’ll take my chance getting WORSE with the subtraction of N. Carrol and C. Clemons,.Those guys were AWFUL/ BORING/NEVER GONNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE and NEVER made plays,.We had to lose Soliai,.He wanted too much money,. I’ll take my chances with Finnegan nad Delmas all day long,.At least I wont have to watch Carrol get picked on every game unmercifully b yopposing QB’s,.UGGHH!!!!!!! Nobody respected that dude
            It’s all about Kevin Coyle,.He is WEAK

          • Dewbert

            I agree that Carrol and Clemons were bad players. But, you need to replace them with someone better. Finnegan is no longer good and Delmas is questionable. He may be an upgrade. I disagree that we couldn’t afford Soliai. We have lots of money left and we aren’t grabbing up anyone else in FA. We could have gotten creative with the salary cap.

  • Paulmatthew22

    Knowshon Moreno SUCKS,.I will be pissed if they sign that fumble-holic,.He was only DECENT last yr because of Peyton,.They are moving on to BALL,fast,.REAL FAST,.Did I mention?,.Knowshon Moreno SUCKS