Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Deserves Fair Treatment From Media and NFL In DWI Case

By Brian Anderson
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

After being arrested on Sunday night, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is facing multiple felony charges on suspicion of intoxicated driving and possession of controlled substances. It will take some time before all of the details become known, but the media frenzy surrounding the incident has already begun to spin out of control.

After watching the Monday morning sports shows on several different stations and hearing the opinions from respected analysts throughout the NFL, it became clear to me that everyone believes Irsay should be severely punished by both the government and the National Football League. Most of the criticism towards Irsay was extremely biased as a good part of the media believes his punishment should be more severe because he is in a position of power as the owner of one of the highest grossing franchises in the NFL.

Former NFL players and coaches were especially hard on Irsay. They believe that since he is worth over a billion dollars, his fine and punishment should be a more serious penalty than that of the average NFL player — something I believe to be most certainly outrageous. Even though Irsay is an owner and a billionaire, he is still a man with a family at the end of the day. His punishment should not be more severe just because of his status in society. Anyone in a similar position — being a multi-millionaire — has historically been let off easy due to their position, so it is odd that his colleagues think he should be hit hard with fines and further punishment.

Although it is obvious that Irsay deserves to be punished, but it does not mean that he should be treated different because of his status. Being a billionaire is an accomplishment that anyone would love to achieve. It takes hard work, knowledge and dedication. It should not put you in the position to be scolded by the law or the NFL in spite of your achievements in life. Honestly, I hope Irsay is treated as fairly as any common human being should be treated in this situation.

Irsay’s fine should not cost him more money because he has more money to spend. That thought is unfair and stems from jealousy from lower class citizens. Irsay needs help, and it is sad that his co-workers, players and friends may want otherwise. He may not be the most beloved owner or person in the world, but that does not mean that he should be treated unfairly in a situation that is common in today’s world. From here on the media will continue to bury Irsay due to his costly mistake. No matter what happens, let us just hope that he gets the help he needs so he can resume his work as owner of the Colts.

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