Teddy Bridgewater Should Drop in 2014 NFL Draft After Poor Pro Day

By RantSports Staff
Central Florida v Louisville

The 2014 NFL Draft doesn’t have a surefire starting-quality quarterback who is ready to take the reins of a pro team as a rookie. Well, there’s no such signal-caller who could do that and succeed in the NFL. The one with the best shot is Teddy Bridgewater, or at least he did have the best shot until his poor Pro Day at Louisville. After disappointing the scouts in attendance, Bridgewater proved that he was at least a little overrated beforehand.

Now one Pro Day performance does not make or break the career of any single draft prospect, but a quarterback of Bridgewater’s status not delivering the ball cleanly to receivers with whom he has chemistry in a drill he’s practiced a thousand times is alarming. Whether it’s stage freight or just that one bad day, a quarterback who can’t complete passes to familiar receivers with no defense without pads is one who deserves a red flag.

Is Bridgewater going to drop out of the first round? Absolutely not, but he’s likely not going to be taken first overall, which was definitely a possibility before his Pro Day. Sure, he put up big numbers for the Cardinals this year in the lowly AAC, but without a perfect Pro Day, he has not shot at playing for the Houston Texans in 2014. Put simply, that should be the case because a quarterback who didn’t really face any tough defenses as a senior definitely needs something to set him apart and if it’s not his Pro Day, what is it? There could now be more than a few NFL teams not willing to find out the answer to that question at this point.


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