Philadelphia Eagles Should Consider Signing Champ Bailey

By justinbeaucage
Champ Bailey
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It’s been talked about all offseason: the Philadelphia Eagles must fix their secondary. Despite the rapid success of Chip Kelly‘s Eagles in his first season, the Eagles were anything but good at stopping the pass in 2013.

Eagles fans actually tried to look away from the television when a quarterback passed against them last season, mostly because they knew it was going to be touchdown against Philadelphia. The Eagles have already began to attempt to fix this hole on their defense. Signing Malcom Jenkins and Nolan Carroll are steps in the right direction. However, it still leaves the Eagles with a defensive backfield that is young and inexperienced.

Adding a veteran could really help this defensive backfield gain both experience and a leader in the secondary. The Eagles signing former Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey would not only be a smart move, but one that could help this secondary on and off the field.

Bailey is one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history. He has recorded 52 interceptions, and has been striking fear in opposing quarterbacks for the last 16 seasons. However, just like receivers for the past couple of years, Bailey’s best days as an NFL cornerback may be behind him.

Once a player who kept receivers pretty much in handcuffs, he has struggled to stay on the field and stay healthy. He only played in five games last season. He has also shown that some of the faster, better receivers have been able to get the best of him. There may be a lot of wear and tear on his legs, and some people think that he doesn’t have anything left. It led the Broncos to releasing him just a few weeks ago.

Bailey is still on the market, and despite what others say about him, the Eagles should give him a chance.

Even though the Eagles shouldn’t reach for a 35-year old cornerback, they should at least give him an opportunity. He can help on and off the field for the Eagles’ secondary. Philadelphia has a lot of young cornerbacks who need both leadership and guidance to becoming good players and good defensive backs in the NFL. Bailey, given his experience and success, can give offer this to Philadelphia’s defenders.

If Bailey has anything left, he can also make some form of impact on an Eagles secondary that needs tons of help. Even if he was used as a fourth cornerback, he would at least be productive in the chances he gets. He has never been in a role where he plays the majority of the snaps in a game. Playing a limited role could be the best for him at this point in his career.

If he has less chances on the field and plays a more limited role, he may have less of a chance at getting injured. Also, this is the first major injury in his career, and there is still a chance he can bounce back from it. There might not be a lot of playing time left for Bailey. However, it would be smart for the Eagles to give him a chance this season.

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