Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Trading DeSean Jackson Would Be A Huge Mistake

By Ryan Wenzell
DeSean Jackson Trade Rumors
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

News has spread throughout the week that Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver DeSean Jackson is reportedly on the trading block. This one is a major head scratcher. Jackson had a career year last season.

He finished with over 1,300 receiving yards, nine touchdowns and did a masterful job stretching the field and using his dynamic speed and athleticism in Chip Kelly’s high paced offense. Why then would the Eagles be willing to unload him?

There are a few reasons. He has supposedly become a distraction with a few off the field headlines, and is already talking about having his contract re-done only a few seasons after signing a brand new deal.

While these are certainly some red flags they are issues that no doubt can be dealt with in house. The way this has been leaked all over the place is not a good look for either the organization or Jackson.

Jackson is a major cog in this offense. He also provides insurance at the receiver position in case Jeremy Maclin doesn’t return to his old self coming off a very serious knee injury. Trading him for a rumored third round pick or less makes absolutely no sense.

While this is a receiver rich draft, no rookie is going to come in and even come close to matching the production of the three-time Pro Bowler Jackson. For a team that has playoff aspirations, perhaps trading its most explosive weapon doesn’t add up.

Let’s hope this is a situation where there is a lot of smoke and no fire. Losing Jackson would put a major damper on the Eagles’ playoff hopes now and in the future.

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