The Dallas Cowboys’ Offseason Should Give Fans Hope

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry and Steven Jones
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys signed DT Henry Melton on Tuesday night, the reaction of most Cowboys fans was, “it’s about time”. Dallas’ fans were happy about the signing of Melton, but they are not satisfied. Fans want Dallas to go get the next big name guy. Fans want the quick fix—they do not want to be patient. In years past, the Cowboys ran their team with that same mindset. However, this offseason has been different, and that is a good thing.

In the past, Dallas has had the same strategy every offseason. They would restructure as many players as they could in order to get enough money to go sign free agents. Dallas was not worried about what the restructures meant for the future; they were only focused on the here and now.

This offseason, Dallas has taken a different approach—a patient approach. The best moves Dallas has made this offseason are the moves they did not make. They did not restructure DeMarcus Ware and they did not re-sign Jason Hatcher.

Dallas has been patient this offseason. Everybody knew the Cowboys wanted, and needed, help on the defensive line. The name at the top of their list was Henry Melton. In the past, Jerry Jones would have been impatient and backed up the money truck for Melton, but he did not do that. He basically gave Melton a one-year contract with a team option to add three more years. Melton will receive $5 million in 2014 and potentially $8 million a year for the last three seasons.

Cowboys fans have wondered for years when things were going to change, and I believe that time is finally here. Dallas is not going to be a Super Bowl contender overnight. However, I do believe that this offseason is the start of a change in philosophy for Dallas. I am not sure whether it is Jerry Jones getting wiser with age or if it is Stephen Jones and/or Will McClay talking sense into Jerry. Whatever the case, it is definitely a good thing for the Cowboys and it should give hope to their fans.

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