Carolina Panthers Rumors: Trade for DeSean Jackson Would Get Plan Back on Track

By josephscalise
Desean Jackson
Robert Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

While there are concerns with the rumor that the Carolina Panthers are planning to make a move to trade for DeSean Jackson, the benefits of adding him to their team would heavily outweigh the costs. While it is true that Jackson has some definite attitude problems as well as off the field issues, his speed and down field potential would be a welcome addition to the Panthers team. Not only that, but it would also help the Panthers replace Steve Smith.

Losing Smith changed a lot of things for Carolina. With him gone, the Panthers lack a speedy deep threat. Jackson could easily fill that role, using his speed to open up the field and make big plays. If the Panthers landed him, not only would they be able to regain some of the talent they have already lost at the wide receiver position, but they would also be able to focus on a solid short yardage receiver or offensive linemen during the NFL Draft.

As of right now, Dave Gettleman is under a lot of fire for his lack of action so far during this offseason. The only real things Gettleman has achieved through the offseason is the re-signing of Greg Hardy and the loss of the Panthers’ receiving corps. Add the recent news about Cam Newton’s ankle injury, and things go from bad to worse. The Panthers are in need of some support on the offensive side of the ball, and Jackson would be that and more. Not only because of his talent, but also because he also would give the Panthers something they need: experience.

The Panthers don’t just need a good receiver; they need a receiver who has the ability to help out their first-round pick and complement him across the field. Bringing in a veteran receiver along with a rookie addition would build the foundation of a strong receiving corps instead of relying solely on the draft. Yes, money is certainly a concern for the Panthers, but if they can afford the cap space as well as get the pieces together to make a trade, Jackson could be a saving grace.

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