Jared Allen Makes Second Visit To Seattle Seahawks, Deal Seems Inevitable

By Andrew Fisher
Jared Allen
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Jared Allen has been taking his time this offseason. We all knew his days with the Minnesota Vikings were over, but most of us didn’t think it would take this long for him to find a new home.

Allen has been in contact with several teams over the last couple of weeks, but thus far his status for 2014  has remained in limbo. Why? Because the DE has threatened to retire if he doesn’t get a fair deal.

The retirement talk could just be a smokescreen by Allen’s camp, but I also wouldn’t put it past him to hang it up for good. He’s just not your average bear, so a sudden retirement is in the realm of possibility.

As of now, the Seattle Seahawks are still the front-runners to sign him. This thought has been reinforced by the fact that Allen is set to make a second visit to Washington and the Seahawks. Given this reality, it’s seems likely that a deal could get done anytime time now.

The Pro Bowl DE has made it clear that winning a championship is his primary goal at this point in his career. He’ll by far have his best chance of doing that in Seattle. We all know that the Seahawks-D is already loaded, and the addition of double-digit sack guy would just make them all the more dynamic.

With all the leads as to where Allen might sign falling through, I just don’t see any other place for him besides Seattle. He’s not going to Dallas or Chicago, and he’s certainly not going back to Minnesota.

I’m predicting it’s only a matter of time before No. 69 officially signs on to take his talents out West to the Super Bowl champs.


**Update** Minutes after this article was posted, reports surfaced that Allen had agreed to a deal with the Seahawks. However, his camp is still not officially confirming anything.


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