Philadelphia Eagles Should Avoid Drafting Bradley Roby Early

By justinbeaucage
Bradley Roby
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL prospect Bradley Roby‘s draft stock is much like his career at Ohio State — boom or bust. Two years ago, as a sophomore, he was one of the best cornerbacks in nation; striking fear into his opponents with big play-making ability. He could take any receiver out of a game. His junior campaign, however, was a little different. Roby got exposed by many of college football’s better receivers, and questions about his durability began to be asked. Roby was also caught gambling too much on defenders, trying to make the big play too often. Recently, NFL mock drafts have said the Philadelphia Eagles won’t pass on Roby if he reaches them at the No. 22 pick. The Eagles would be making a mistake if they make him their first pick in the NFL Draft. Much like Roby trying to make a big play on a pass in college, the Eagles drafting him would be a huge gamble. He is one of the more inconsistent defensive backs in the draft, and his playing style would not match the type of defense the Eagles are trying to build. Philadelphia was horrendous in the secondary last year, surrendering the most yards through the air to opposing quarterbacks. If the Eagles add Roby to their already struggling secondary, his playing style just wouldn’t fit. He would be trying to make too many big plays in the secondary. Even though the Eagles might need a huge turnover more often, if Roby missed out on those plays in college, it could be even worse in the NFL. Receivers could beat him on double routes and fakes that will embarrass Roby on the field. Instead, the Eagles should focus more on drafting a physical, cover corner that is valued in the 3-4 defense. Roby is definitely overvalued as being projected as a first-round pick. Inconsistent play, injuries, and other issues has made Roby into one of the more risky picks in this year’s draft. The Eagles should instead pay attention to drafting someone that is a more secure, safe bet at the position. Even drafting a safety is more of a priority for Philadelphia at this stage of rebuilding the defense. Selecting Roby may be a mistake. Now, if he falls to the draft, which some believe will happen ,there’s no reason the Eagles shouldn’t take a chance on him. If he falls to the third, even the second round, Roby’s value here would not be so bad. He is an example of a project player; if he’s properly coached, could probably succeed at the NFL level. He has all the tools to make him a productive player in the league; he is just not the franchise player or first rounder that everyone is saying he is. If he’s available in the later rounds, the Eagles should not hesitate to draft him. The problem with Roby is simply just overvaluing him. There are plenty of players that will be available with the No. 22 pick that will make more of an impact with the Eagles than Roby will. If the Eagles don’t want to see defenders chasing receivers down the field, the Eagles should not draft Roby in the first round.  Justin Beaucage is a Philadelphia Eagles contributor for  Follow him on Twitter @jbrantsports85, “Like” him on Facebook, or add him to your network through Google.

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