Cam Newton's Ankle Not Yet a Worry for Carolina Panthers

By josephscalise
Cam Newton
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that quarterbacks run the NFL. A good franchise quarterback can bring a team out of a losing slump and propel them into the winning run. The same is true of the Carolina Panthers. There is no doubt that the Panthers were carried by their extremely talented defense last season, but Cam Newton also has developed into a solid team leader and played a part in their success.

But unfortunately for the Panthers,  Newton is undergoing ankle surgery to deal with an injury he sustained during the end of the 2013 season according to recent reports. According to team spokesman, the surgery is to tighten the ligaments in Newton’s ankle that were stretched out. Whatever the reason for the surgery, this impact of this strongly depends on the deadline.

It is natural to worry about the Panthers’ franchise quarterback, however, there is no reason to panic this early. The team has set a four month recovery period for Newton, which would put him coming back to the team sometime in July. If all goes well and rehab happens on schedule, the Panthers have nothing to worry about. However, there is still cause for some concerns.

Rehabilitation is a tricky subject. Sometimes it goes as planned and recovery is on time. Getting Newton back in July would be fine for Carolina, giving them time to incorporate him in with the new wide receivers, even if he does lose some time with the team during spring. However, if the recovery takes longer than usual, this could spell trouble for the Panthers.

The Panthers have already added Jerricho Cotchery to the team and are set to bring in a rookie receiver during the NFL Draft. As such, Newton is going to have to work to get in sync with his new receiving corps. If this is set back because of Newton’s ankle surgery, then problems could start to mount. However, as of right now, while it is never fun to watch a team’s quarterback sustain any injury, the Panthers have much more pressing matters than Newton. That could change in a couple months, but for now fans should breathe easy.

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