If The Philadelphia Eagles Let DeSean Jackson Go, Brandin Cooks Should Be Drafted

By justinbeaucage
Brandin Cooks
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As quickly as Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson runs down the sideline, he could be shipped out town even quicker within the next couple of days, ending his tenure with the team. One of the biggest questions if Jackson is dealt to another team is what the Eagles are going to do for a No. 1 receiver. Clearly there isn’t a No. 1 target on the roster without Jackson, and there really aren’t too many options left in free agency. However, if Philadelphia does decide to find another receiver, they may spend the No. 22 overall pick on Jackson’s heir apparent.

Philadelphia should look no further than Oregon St. receiver Brandin Cooks.

The Eagles could be looking for a speedster to replace Jackson’s quickness. Cooks could not only fill out this role quickly, but he might even have the same speed as Jackson. At 5-foot-10, 190-pounds, Cooks may not be the prototypical No. 1 receiver. However, at around the same size and speed as Jackson, Cooks could simply be a younger, even more productive version of the Eagles wide receiver. He is one of the fastest receivers in the draft and has the ability to turn any play into a big one. He has the talent, speed and quickness to make defenders miss in the open field and is extremely explosive.

The junior receiver had quite the 2013 campaign. Cooks caught an unbelievable 125 passes for 1,730 yards with 16 touchdowns. With his off-the-charts numbers, Cooks earned the Biletnikoff winner as college football’s best wide receiver in 2013. He had himself quite the remarkable collegiate career. In three seasons, he had over 3,000 yards receiving with 24 touchdowns. Cooks even showed some flash out of the backfield, rushing for two career touchdowns. He has definitely shown he can be a valuable weapon in the league.

Cooks is the type of player Chip Kelly would really like to have in his offense. Just think of all the formations and opportunities Cook would have in Kelly’s system. A lot of teams don’t believe Cooks has what it takes to make it in the NFL. They think he might be too small and are concerned about injuries. However, Jackson was this small, and he had a Pro Bowl season in Philadelphia. Cooks would be able to flourish not just in the NFL, but in Philadelphia.

There could be some argument that he could be a better option than Jackson. His incredible number of receptions shows he is not afraid to run short routes, which is something that Jackson has always been criticized for. Cooks is also younger, and people don’t know how much longer Jackson will have that elite speed for. With Cooks, the Eagles would have simply a younger version of Jackson who might even have more of a skill-set.

Does this mean the Eagles should trade Jackson and hope Cooks is there at No. 22? Not really. Jackson is still a productive receiver, and the team could still use that pick to build in other areas. However, if Jackson is dealt, Cooks would be a great option with the Eagles.

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