Oakland Raiders Signing of Matt Schaub Could Close Door on Terrelle Pryor

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

The Oakland Raiders made an expected move on Friday when they traded for Matt Schaub. The veteran QB will head west to Oakland after spending the last seven years with the Houston Texans. In exchange, the Raiders sent a late-round pick back to Houston.

First and foremost, this deal means that the Raiders will likely pass on taking a QB with the No. 5 overall draft pick this May. It’s not out of the question that they’d take a QB, because we are talking about the Raiders, but the chances just went down significantly.

But on the Raiders roster, what does this trade mean for Terrelle Pryor?

There are reports today that the Raiders view Matt McGloin as a capable backup. He of course took Pryor’s starting job in 2013, but neither guy really stood out as the QB of the future. Now as we’re getting a clearer picture of the Raiders QB position in 2014, it’s seems like Pryor will start training camp as the No. 3 guy.

It’s also possible that he could get released all together.

If he stays on the team, at minimum he’ll be in competition for the backup role. Based on what we’ve seen from Pryor, he’ll have a good chance of landing that job. If he is able to edge out McGloin for the No. 2 role, then he’ll start the waiting game.

The waiting game, would of course be waiting for Schaub to hit a rough patch. Based on how he played for the Texans last year, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before he struggles on a less talented Oakland team.

So while today’s news is not good for Terrelle Pryor, I don’t see this acquisition as the end of his campaign to be the Raiders starting quarterback.


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