Roddy White Buying Fan Tickets After Losing NCAA Tournament Bet

By Andrew Fisher
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White isn’t afraid to open his mouth. Whether you like the guy or not, at least he’s not full of cliches and boring comments like most athletes are.

White made headlines last year when he proclaimed that it was ‘Super Bowl or bust’ for the Atlanta Falcons. We all saw how that turned out. The WR was forced to eat his words, and now it’s happened again. This time, it involves a fan on Twitter.

Check out this interaction, which was in regards to the 2014 NCAA Tournament:



As you can see, White is paying up…kind of.

At least he’s giving him something. He could have just done nothing and completely welched on the bet all together. The Twitter fan at least gets to see his favorite team and take a trip down to Atlanta.

Is this the end of Roddy White running his mouth? Certainly not, but that’s okay. He likes to talk smack and make bold statements. There’s nothing wrong with that. We need more athletes to step out of their PR shells and entertain us off the field as well.


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